It’s July in a jiffy, and I must apologise to you because I didn’t show up much on the blog this month. I started on a lot of blog posts but then writers’ block, procrastination and all associated demons would kick in and kill my ginger. Guess I will need to have a few more lessons on how to achieve your goals when you don’t feel like it.

In my six months or so of blogging, I’ve had some highs and lows (more of lows). But my low points have been really low, like the times when I’ve had to ask myself what I was doing with a blog in the first place. I did read a lot of blogs before starting Faenomenal, but it was only when I began blogging that I got to realise the sheer number of blogs out thereOften times than not, I feel like an imposter – did I start a blog because it seemed like the coolest thing to do, or to justify the writer tag?

And blogging hasn’t been a walk in the park either. While I await the device that creates posts directly from my thoughts, it can be really involving to develop read-worthy content, do research, craft blog titles, and then promote on social media- add that to the demands of a day job. I cannot count how many times I’ve had to pause while developing a post to read more about a word or concept on Google, or stay up till 2am to meet up with a post deadline. And till date I struggle to tell people about my blog because blogging is still largely seen as a job for “unserious” people (and I’m pretty much seen as serious).

With all these challenges, you’d think for a second that I wouldn’t want anything more than to quit. To be honest, I’ve had that thought cross my mind a couple of times. But guess who’s still here?

I blog for me.

Though Faenomenal is becoming much more than just a personal diary, I still love the fact that I am able to journal my experiences (and thoughts) and keep track of my growth. Writing a blog has also opened my eyes to the world in a different way- I’m a bit more conscious of the things that happen around me, and to me. My creative juices find expression as well- I get to learn which fonts will work well with the blog’s theme, which flatlays sell the post better, and which design is minimalistic. And the even much better reason is-

I blog for you.

Sent this email to Kristy, an older blogger last year

I really want to share the things I keep learning with other people, in a way that is easily relatable and helpful. Doing this brings me so much joy. With blogging, I’m able to merge creativity with writing and a passion to help others- which for me is such a big win.

teachersappreciationweek.pngIn a random conversation with my mom, she told me, “oh, this photo will look great on your blog!” Recently, one of the blog readers also reached out to me to ask why there was no new post on the blog. These were really sweet moments for me and I’m deeply grateful for such comments which remind me that it’s all worth it.

How has June been for you and what are your expectations for the other half of the year? Leave a comment or send me a personal message here. I’m always thrilled to hear from you.

xx, Fae

P.S. What I’m reading in June will be up next week, guess I’ll have to rename it What I read in June, haha.


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