I had rice for lunch today. Now that really does not sound spectacular, until you realise that I eat rice almost every day at work. My conversation with the young lady who takes our orders before lunchtime goes something like this-

ME: What do you have?

YOUNG LADY: We have rice, this and this, that and that and that

ME: Okay. Is this sweet? Do you add this to that? How much is this with that and that? Continue reading “HERE’S HOW TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND, easily”

A BREAK, UNINTENDED + a few updates

Can I just say “Hey there, long time no see” and we pick up from where we left off almost three months (read: centuries) ago? I’m sure the answer would be a resounding No!

I am so sorry, and I mean it. Though I never planned any of the circumstances that led to the blog break, I could have left an update on the blog or a be-right-back note. As it is with every relationship, you can’t just wake up one morning and go on a 3-month hiatus without explanation.

The past three months have been a flurry of activities. First it was Shenonyms and all the planning that went into it (by the way, we had a great time). Then it was leaving my old job and starting at a new one. Then moving to a new home on Christmas eve!

Sometimes I try to pause and take everything in, and then I realise how really good God is to me. 2018 was a good year for me, but I feel that I had spent most part of the year waiting, just waiting for one particular thing to happen. And though it finally did happen, I wish I had quit worrying and focused more on enriching my life.

In 2019, things are coming together. I feel a lot more purposeful and intentional about my life. Just today, I was able to provide a “younger” friend with counsel for the next phase of her life. It feels like I was born for this- to encourage, to push, to take your hand so you’re not afraid to step into all that God calls you to be.

And this is what this blog will be about. For a while, I was unsure about what Faenomenal should be- a lifestyle blog? A how-to blog? Or just a random mix? Though the details are a bit unclear, I want to shift the focus off myself and to you. How can I help you grow and become? How can I share my life with you so you’re encouraged to keep pushing? How can I be your friend? These questions will be topmost on my mind as I work to create content you’ll love in 2019.

As an update, I left Facebook(deleted the app, not my account) because late last year, I got overwhelmed with social media and honestly considered deleting all my accounts to “focus on my life”. But like my partner told me, social media can also be a force for good.

So I’m embracing Instagram for it’s microblogging features plus all the extras like skits and vendors. This is me signing up to show up some more on Instagram, grow my following so more people can be part of our community here at Faenomenal. Please follow me @faenmnl if you haven’t done so yet.

And so, that sums it up from my end. This year will be a really great year for you and me. Do you have any expectations for the year? Goals? Plans? I could be your accountability partner, you know. Please leave a comment if you can. I’m always thrilled to hear from you.


PS: Can someone explain to me where Netflix has been all my life? Hehehehehe. Currently bingeing on the Merlin series and praying I don’t forget to unsubscribe by month’s end.

PS II: The feature photo was taken during Shenonyms, don’t you love those smiles?


We are right in the middle of planning our yearly young women’s purpose and lifestyle conference. These past weeks have been filled with plans, to-do lists, prayers of both faith and despair, and the full spectrum of emotions- from being pumped up to just wanting to disappear into thin air. But look who’s made it this far after all?

About this time last year, we had Shenonyms 1.0. The basic idea was simply to host a few young women in a workshop where they could network, discuss and learn. Quite straightforward right? But the nitty-gritty of planning (and executing as well) was not as easy as I thought. So when it was all over, I kinda told myself “gurlyou’re not going down this road a second time”. Continue reading “WE’RE SET FOR SHENONYMS 2.0”


When I judged Barbara Hughes’ Disciplines of a Godly Woman at first, I felt it could only be one thing- boring. It belonged to my Mom and had been lying around the house for years. So when she brought the book a few weeks ago and said, “Try and read this book, Ozioma”, I took one look at it and rolled my eyes. Of all the books to read in the world, how do you pick one on an unpopular subject, godliness? Add discipline to that and dare add women also, and it wouldn’t even get a second glance. Continue reading “READIN’ LATELY: August”


I once posted on my Facebook wall “there are only two states in Nigeria – Lagos, and the others”. Okay, I just may have exaggerated a little there but you can tell how much I love Lagos or rather the part of Lagos I usually visit. When an opportunity came up this August to visit Lagos again, I was over the moon. Though it was still a work-related trip, it felt so good to travel and get away from the 9-5 rut for a while. The highlight of all my Lagos trips has always been crossing the Third Mainland Bridge, haha. Continue reading “MY GRANDPARENTS VISITED, AND HERE’S ONE THING I LEARNT”


It’s July in a jiffy, and I must apologise to you because I didn’t show up much on the blog this month. I started on a lot of blog posts but then writers’ block, procrastination and all associated demons would kick in and kill my ginger. Guess I will need to have a few more lessons on how to achieve your goals when you don’t feel like it Continue reading “WHY ON EARTH AM I BLOGGING?”


Recently, a blogger-friend shared something about not being able to complete a single book since the beginning of the year. I recall thinking “oh, so that’s a thing?” because I’d never really given much thought to setting book goals or to whether I was reading “enough”. I knew I had my struggles, but I was pretty sure reading wasn’t Continue reading “READIN’ LATELY: May”


I still remember the first time I traveled by air; I think I was about 14 then and just a few months shy of completing high school. You could easily tell it was my first time right from the airport to the plane! In fact, when I look back at that experience, I seriously want to cringe…,and laugh my insides out. I mean, who else listens to the flight attendant with rapt attention, and still ends up Continue reading “12 THINGS FIRST-TIME FLYERS (& everyone) SHOULD KNOW”


So this is how it happened: I’d made plans to see a movie last Saturday with my friend D (who’s probably reading this and rolling her eyes). In my defence, I was excited about having some nice girl-time with D and giving myself a little post-birthday treat. I’d even planned the dress, the on- fleek make up, the gram-worthy photos and that Continue reading “HOW TO SMASH YOUR GOALS EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT”


“You’re such a nice girl, you hardly fall out with anyone” I’ve probably heard these words (or a variant) more times than I can count on both hands. And I believed them till I read a particular book which described the various ways people reacted in the face of conflict. I’d do a quick summary here so you can get the gist. In the first category were those who preferred to avoid any form of disagreement whatsoever, the next category were those who became aggressive and blew things Continue reading “3(+1) HELPFUL TIPS FOR DEALING WITH CONFLICT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP”


Good music would definitely make the cut for top five on my list of 10 favourite things. Music is such an integral part of me that I could tie certain songs to the memories attached to a particular phase of my life. Some time back, I listened to Chris Tomlin’s Good, good father, and I couldn’t help but remember the period between writing my final exams in undergrad and getting my first job. Oh well, that could be because it was my fave song at the moment and stayed on repeat Continue reading “A PEEK INTO MY CURRENT PLAYLIST”


Everyone seems to be talking about love this week because, St. Valentine’s day. To say the least, I became slightly irritated by the fuss surrounding the celebrations. During my commute, I honestly got tired of seeing event posters for Vals day almost after every pole. And some had the most hilarious themes! I have to confess to not being such a huge fan of Vals day. I still find it a tad silly to wear (a touch of) red or go on some fancy date or buy a gift for my sweetheart all in the name of celebrating lovers’ day. What ever happened to the other 364 days in the year? Continue reading “ON VALS DAY: 3 (SIMPLE) THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY”