We are right in the middle of planning our yearly young women’s purpose and lifestyle conference. These past weeks have been filled with plans, to-do lists, prayers of both faith and despair, and the full spectrum of emotions- from being pumped up to just wanting to disappear into thin air. But look who’s made it this far after all?

About this time last year, we had Shenonyms 1.0. The basic idea was simply to host a few young women in a workshop where they could network, discuss and learn. Quite straightforward right? But the nitty-gritty of planning (and executing as well) was not as easy as I thought. So when it was all over, I kinda told myself “gurlyou’re not going down this road a second time”.

Alas, something or someone began to tug at the strings of my heart early this year. It began with the “harmless” questions from friends and the young women who participated in the first edition “when are we having the next one?” And if you know me very well, you’ll know that of the very few things that excite me; young women, Jesus, and knowledge top the list. Which pretty much sums up what Shenonyms is about.


Let me begin with an explanation on how we came about the theme of the conference- Shenonyms. It’s actually a blend between two words- She (meaning female, woman) and Synonyms (different words that share similar meaning). Think of how the synonyms of a particular word would express the same general meaning but would be more suitable for use in a slightly different context. So it is with women too. I believe that we are all called to express Christ, although each of us will do this in a unique special way. And this is Shenonyms – a gathering of young women; one purpose in God, different expressions. Yes, you’ve got to agree that we are similar in more ways than we are different.

Shenonyms is more than a gathering of women, it is a life-changing experience. Our goal is that all the young women who are part of this experience will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to lead purposeful lives. We do this by creating a warm and engaging atmosphere that encourages participants to learn, be mentored and connect with each other through heartfelt conversations.

This year, we are going to be soaking in wisdom from a woman who is on a journey of purpose, and is passionate about God and life. She is also a minister at Mouldbreak, a wife and a mom to three energetic boys. Can you guess who? And that is not all…we’d also be having three workshop sessions with themes on career planning, body image and personal finance respectively. I can’t wait to introduce our amazing and savvy speakers for the workshops. More details will be published on our social media pages in the weeks to come. For now, feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @shenonyms

If you’re going to be in Port Harcourt on the 17th of November, 2018, I’d be delighted to host you at The Book Pod, GRA Phase 2 for Shenonyms 2.0. However, because we are keen on keeping the event intimate, we will be opening our doors to only 30 registered persons. And registration is absolutely FREE! Yes, you heard right. But the slots are filling up fast, and you need to claim your own spot immediately, like right now. Click here to register.

I look forward to seeing you!



When I judged this book at first, I felt it could only be one thing- boring! It belonged to my Mom and had been lying around the house for years. So when she brought the book a few weeks ago and said, “Try and read this book, Ozioma”, I took one look at it and rolled my eyes. Of all the books to read in the world, how do you pick one on an unpopular subject, godliness? Add discipline to that and dare add women also, and it wouldn’t even get a second glance.

But I was wrong, and gladly so. I still went ahead and read it because I was at a point in my life where I needed to view my life circumspectly and hear what God had to say on discipline. I am still learning the ropes of this thing called adulting and this book couldn’t have come at a better time. You know what, I think that all those times I overlooked it, God must have been preparing me for this time when I’d value it the most.

I love the way each of the five chapters is divided into sub-sections focusing on soul, character, relationship, ministry and grace. And each chapter starts with a short (easy-to-remember) verse from the bible, which I thought was just wonderful. But my best part of the book would be the last 36 pages of the book which contains lovely hymns, a great bible study plan I’m already using, a testimony, and best of all a list of classics.

Now to my favourite quotes:

As I read, I took note of the phrases, verses and quotes that spoke directly to me and I’ll want to share some with you.Quotes from DGW
Finishing this book has helped me see singleness in a new light. I recently listened to Jamie-Grace (an American singer who at the age of 26 married her first boyfriend) talk about her journey of singleness and waiting in the lyrics of her song – The Wait. I was inspired by this story but at the same time I prayed “Oh God this cannot be me, please let this cup pass away”. And though my waiting period may not be over yet, I’m in a much better place to ask such questions as:

What am I doing with the friendships in my life? Do I date unbelievers? Do I try to help God’s plan for my life?

Final verdict: Very insightful and a must-read for young women. Plus Barbara’s tone is warm, honest and casual. It was worth spending an entire month on, and I hope I did convince you.

Favour Onukogu

@herownherogirl – Instagram, Twitter

When I asked Favour to do a post on her current reading list, I was half expecting her to refuse. But she sweetly accepted, and even sent a reminder to me after a while. And I’m so glad she did, this post was so easy to read. I think I’ve seen this same book sometime in the past but probably just skimmed through. Now I want to really read it again. It’s not everyday you come across a great book that provides godly and practical counsel for young women today.

For this month, I returned to my first love, fiction and started reading Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo. It was part of a reading list shared on Kacheetee’s blog and from the reviews I felt it would make a great read. Still waiting for that magic to happen though.

What did you read in August? Any suggestions for me?


P.S featured photo is our guest writer, Favour

P.P.S If you want to purchase the book, I’ve included a link here


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